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Sounds like me .. [June 24th, 2011]
You say that you love rain, but you open your umbrella when it rains. You say that you love the sun, but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines. You say that you love the wind, but you close your windows when wind blows. This is why I am afraid, you say that you love me too.

- William Shakespeare

Fire [May 31st, 2010]

I ♥ this song and Matthew Morrison reminds me of someone I know .. Haha ..

Himalayan Tea Latte + Mochaccino Love [May 10th, 2010]

Singapore @ Night [May 10th, 2010]


[April 2nd, 2010]

Featuring my favorite pair of eyelashes in the world .. =)

Two in One [March 19th, 2010]

Christmas and Chinese new year all bundled up in one..
This adorable little tree still stand tall in our hall.. =D

New Zealand Part 1 [March 18th, 2010]
Warning: This entry is really image heavy and contains boring one-liners.. =)

View of sunset from Changi airport terminal 3 ..

The tiny screen we stare at for 8 hours in that new two-level plane..
Didnt catch no sleep..
Spent all my time watching movies..haha..

Reached Sydney airport for a transit to Wellington in the morning and major problems got us all pissed and swearing..
I thought we'd be stuck there for ages.. >_<
Never again..

Wellington , New Zealand -

Our home for two days and my favorite from our entire stay at New Zealand.. ♥ ♥ ♥
Our rooms were the ones which had heads popping out..haha..
We had a HUGE picture window as you can see and boy!!

Such perfect view of the sunset!!
I took like a million shots of the sunset..plain crazy.. O.o
Sorry for the camera reflection in the first photo thou..haha..

My bed is the one next to the door and it's the comfiest bed ever!!!
I know it doesnt look amazing but it is..
Just imagine sinking into it, falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the sea waves.. ♥

View of the beach from our window..

Daddy.. =)

Cute kids at the pizzeria..

We drove up mountains and their seriously windy roads to get to the vineyards and wineries..
It wasnt as amazing as I thought it would be..
Not worth my dizzy head at all since it was pretty boring and for the fact that I dont drink wine..
But okay..at least I have seen them now.. =D

At the supermarket to stock up on food and necessities as we cook daily there..

Piction -

Took the ferry to Picton in the morning..
First time having our vehicle ferried over with us ..
So cool!!

Reached our next destination ;

A real life farm and holiday park..
Our unit is half of that..
My second most favorite stay by the way..heh..

View from my bed..

My younger sis and me..

Pretty leaves that looked like juicy white grapes in reality..

Some weird fruit..

Pretty little flowers as weeds?

Some greenies growing and peeping out from underneath the wooden planks..

Mary had a little lamb and it's right in front of me..

Daddy playing with the goat he calls by the name Dolly [amongst all the other sheeps that he also named Dolly.. -_-]..

We went trekking and ended up at this kinda empty waterfall..
Lots obstacles thru the forest and halfway thru I needed a toilet badly..
But it was impossible to go all the way back so I did my business in there..
Back to nature..haha..

Took this on the way back from the forest..
Walking all the way back to well .. somewhere in the middle there ..
It didnt seem tiring or long thou as the view and weather was fantastic..

Last day in Picton..
Tiny little boy dressed in tiny raincoat.. =)

Nelson -

Our most expensive stay in New Zealand.. O.O
And even thou I have no idea how much, I'm pretty sure it was well worth coz it's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!!!

Random stuff outside our holiday home..

A lovely heartshaped island..

View of the place and my bed..
Forgotten to photograph the outside thou.. =(
So cant show you our BBQ pit and the place we sat to enjoy our food in the cold cold night that had us all rushing back in after about 2 hours..haha..

Went to the town for lunch..
Very quiet and shops were closing at a weird timing of 2-3pm.. O.o

Interesting toys..

More pretty views..

Next morning we were going boating but before that we landed at the Nelson Market..

These walnuts are still in the fridge and each time my dad sees them he starts nagging at me again for not finishing them off, coz' even thou I love buying things, I seldom use them..heh..

Yummy honey is better than unhealthy sugar..
So substitute them if you need loads sweetness!!

Pretty cupcake made out of soap..
Like anyone would use them..
Such a waste!!

Some little old lady next to my dad..
Come to think of it, where did all the cheese went to? O.o

These reminded me of Effa..haha..
Sorry darl..

After the market, we headed to the beach for boating..

I know my teeth looks really yellow in there but hey..
I look happy there..haha..and I like it!! =D

The three sisters.. =)

I thought by putting all that sunblock my elder sis forced on me, I'd be well protected from burning but I was wrong..HELL wrong!!
I ended up with badly burnt scalp and face still..
Plus I looked older by at least 5 years since the eye areas got burnt and temporary wrinkles were formed due to my eyes squinting in the sun..yucks!!
Not only that, the skin above my upperlips was burnt too so I had to walk around with an enhanced 'mustache' for weeks.. >_<

Last view of the sea in Nelson..
So tranquil..

Greymount -

Everything was disgusting in there so no photos..
We hated it so much we banished the place from our conversations even..

Franz Josef -

We stayed at this YHA that was quite lovely..
It had this huge furry cat roaming around..
And I was so amazed by this little tiger I kept snapping pictures of it..

It's sad that this photograph doesnt show how huge it really is thou..ugh..

And talking about cats I had a horrible horrible incident with one in NZ..
Will talk about it later..eeps!!

Tree or rather branches shaped like a reindeer outside the window in our room..
Perhaps to welcome Christmas? =D

We shared the room with this Spanish guy who was really enthusiastic about photography..
I wished his cameras belonged to me..lol..

I like how deserted this looked.. =)

We went for a little walk to view the world famous glacier..

Ice, not water.. O.o

View from far..
It looks a little fake to me..
Like a background setting or prop in a film or shoot..haha..

Mirror lake..
I know I look really fat in the picture but minus the fatness, I think it's quite a lovely picture of our family..heh..

Off to the glacier..
This time the real thing..

Every part of the place was dangerous and steep, not to mention high off the ground..
Poor acrophobiatic me..

We didnt finish the whole walk thou..haha..
Ah well..

On the way to Queenstown, we stopped at this little cafe..

And had this astounding once in a lifetime view on top of the mountains..

It looked like 'hope'..
You know, a ray of sunshine..
That sort of stuff..

It was freezing there..
Probably the coldness I have ever felt in my whole life!!

Some windy road..Ugh..

- To be continued.. =) -

Amanda Seyfried [March 4th, 2010]


The Harvest. [March 3rd, 2010]

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